No one is bad at maths!

Improve your ability in maths and other STEM subjects with this free resource, specifically designed for Irish students!
No one is bad at maths!


We teach in a way that works for students. We prioritise STEM subjects that focus on building our future.


We teach in a way that works for students. We offer our grinds over Discord or Zoom, or (once the Covid-19 pandemic is over) in person. You can find out more details at


Our School programme allows students in paricipating schools to avail of our educational services for free. We integrate with schools to create a seemless yet rewarding experience. You can find more information on these school programmes at


Our tools allow researchers and lecturers to come together in a powerful yet convenient platform at the EDU | Hub. Other math enthusiasts can join the Talk M4TH5 community where you can participate in weekly challenges, ask questions, and ultimately learn together.


We teach in a way that works for students.


Incredible Notes

We work hard in making our notes concise and reliable. They are always up-to-date and always.


Connected Platforms

To keep it all easy, we spread our content across our platforms. Once you find a platform you like, you can stick to it... or not.


Highly Accessible

Built with smooth online platforms including the EDU | Hub, Talk M4TH5, and our learning portal, so you can learn on the go!

M4TH5 Ireland

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